"Poetry comes from the heart, it’s the soul-talk of a culture. Get Lit makes this happen in so many wonderful ways. When young people own both a classic poem, and then endeavor to create their own poetic responses, this is the bridge between generations, of the old and the new, of the traditional and the yet-to-be-traditional. Get Lit makes this happen – and we as a city, a country, and a world are better off for it. "

-Luis J. Rodriguez,
poet, activist, author


Join the Debate

Get Lit Founder, Diane Luby Lane, is taking on James Kaas Founder of Youth Speaks in a debate sparked by the Waiting for Superman site.

The questions is “Does Rote Learning Have A Place in the Classroom?” Follow the conversation and if you agree, vote for Diane. If not, make yourself heard in the comments section.




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