"What you do is so ridiculously important that I’m not always sure that even you totally understand how deeply you impact the lives of our students. Get Lit is an inspiration to the community. Your #1 Get Lit addict."

-Jean Chodos
Librarian, El Rancho High

support teen literacy


Made Possible by the Flourish Foundation, White-Trivas Family Foundation, and the Powers Family


Made Possible by the LA Dodgers & Ned Colletti



Made Possible by the Flourish Foundation


by Gabriel Cortez and Dario Serrano


I am writing to thank you for the wonderful presentation yesterday that you gave to the youth at the Edelman Children’s Court…


My name is Victoria Imtanes and I am proud to say that I am a member of the Get Lit program…


Dear Diane, Thanks you for making me realize what the poetry is…


This letter of recommendation is for Diane Luby Lane and the Get Lit Program. Ms. Lane conducted the Get Lit Workshops at Fremont…


I am writing this letter in support of the “Get Lit” educational program. Fairfax High School students participated in the program…


If there’s one thing I could say my life was prior to or my participation in Get Lit it would be unfulfilled…


If you have wanted to enthrall young people with a discussion of great books in their lives, then it is imperative you introduce them to Diane Luby Lane’s performance…


I can report that the enthusiasm she genersted in front of a diverse student body was as energetic a that at the retreat…


Last week I witnessed an event that encapsulates the entire spirit of the WTF?! Festival. It
was a performance by a group of Los Angeles teenagers called Get Lit!


I am writing in support of Diane Luby Lane, Executive Director of GET LIT/Words Ignite — the life-changing teen literacy project in Los Angeles and beyond  – in conjunction with Opportunities for Learning, in creating a teaching experience that will re-define children’s lives.


Get Lit has given me the opportunity to be more than me. I am not only a better artist, I am a teacher, a philanthropist, a literary scholar, and a more conscious human being.


Thank you so much for bringing the magic of words to my students!!! Your literacy team’s poetic artistry, power, and passion were so inspiring and insightful.
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