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Get Lit Gets Results!

In 2012, Get Lit was recognized by the National Arts and Humanities as one of the “top 50 arts and humanities programs” in the United States.

For the last seven years, the children of CA have ranked next to last on Federal Literacy Assessments.

  • Educators testify to a significant change in ESL students ability to effectively express themselves orally and through written work as a result of the Get Lit Program.
  • Our Get Lit Player students become so passionate about reading, writing, and performing that they come to Saturday workshops from 10-4 for one year, often busing up to 2 hours each way to get there. Many students stay with Get Lit their whole high school career and even into college where they become members of our LITERATE team and mentors.
  • A 6 month evaluation by world renown Arts Evaluator, Professor James Catterall, and his UCLA team show that the Get Lit curriculum significantly increased the literacy rates, efficacy, and self confidence of the teens it reached. Click here to read full evaluation.

Fewer that 10% of graduating seniors in the US can read well enough to successfully fill out job application forms by themselves.

  • Get Lit’s after school workshops provide one on one assistance with reading poetry and interpreting complicated text as well as writing original poetic responses. Vocabulary and grammar skills increase dramatically.
  • LITERATE provides college level Get Lit Players (and some qualifying high school Get Lit Players) with over 35 hours of mentor training and residency at LAUSD schools as standards-based mentors.

In recent UN surveys the US ranked 58th amongst 159 member countries in the percentage of population that could read at a 6th grade level.

  • Get Lit workshops expose students to advanced, college level reading material, which gives students interest in material beyond grade level and confidence in their abilities to meet the rigorous demands of college level work.

According to a recent Time magazine survey, nearly one in three public high school students won’t graduate (for Latinos and African Americans the rate approaches 50%) In some Los Angeles schools, drop out rates approach 70%.

  • Through Get Lit’s NEXT STEP program and Get Lit Players receive one-on-one guidance through the college research and application process. They receive preparation courses for the SAT and ACT, tours of colleges and universities, college essay writing workshops, and are presented with scholarship opportunities to help them finance their college educations.   Starting early in the academic school year, Jennifer, our NEXT STEP creator and coordinator provides monthly, one-on-one advising to each of the teen leaders involved in the Get Lit programs.
  • Nearly 100% of our Get Lit Players graduate high school and go to college – most with scholarships. Many continue to work with Get Lit as performers and mentors through our LITERATE program.