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[quote]It’s been a pleasure and an inspiration for me, as Poet Laureate of California – to work with the Get Lit Players and Diane. Their seamless blending of memorized traditional poems with original spoken word response is absolutely unique and is an exhilarating and inspiring education technique, a dramatic tool for literacy and delight in language. I knew from the first time I saw and heard the GLP, that I would devote myself to their “cause” – there is no one like them – in rap, in hiphop, in spoken word – or in the canon of Great Poems – no one who brings poetry to life as they do![/quote]

Carol Muske-Dukes, California Poet Laureate

[quote]Your presentation on “Get Lit” was absolutely fabulous! The youth at Edelman Children’s Court were truly inspired and motivated by your ability to breathe life into poetry and literacy in a way that had meaning to them. It was amazing to see their attentiveness to your presentation and also to see them share their knowledge of poetry, reading and performing. The fact that many of our youth were willing to participate in an impromptu poetry reading with your guidance and leave with some very significant tools to improve their personal reading projection styles which will help them in other life areas was very confident building for them and pleasing for our staff who daily work so hard with them. Diane you are an amazingly sensitive instruction who has a keen ability to connect to youth and to find the personal release in them! We so look forward to continued work with “Get Lit”. Continue to share this outstanding program with the youth and others, such as our program![/quote]

Janice Johnson, Program Director, Edelman Children’s Court

[quote]I liked the performance yesterday it was very inspiring because it taught you a lot about literature…[/quote]

Ashley Torres, Paramount High

[quote]Poetry was never really my thing, but now because of the way that all you told us, it made me see it a whole different way.[/quote]

Ernest Jammill

[quote]Your performance at Paramount High School was a success to me because each one of you poets inspired me to write poems when I’m alone in the car or when I’m bored. When I heard that a group of teenagers were going to come to our high school I wasn’t looking forward to it. I always thought poetry was boring, but when you guys performed for us Paramount High School students I was speechless.[/quote]

Omar Herrera

[quote]To tell you the truth I don’t like poems but somehow I like yours.[/quote]

Iram Soto

[quote]Your confidence and emotion shown while reciting your poems left me speechless. When it seemed as if you guys were pouring your heart out while reciting your work, I began to think I should do what I enjoy also. With your words, I began to take into consideration that with a bit of effort, great things are produced. Your words, inspiring and motivating, made me believe I should feel free to do what I desire, despite what others think…[/quote]

Jackie Chavez

[quote]…I felt you guys spoke the truth and nothing but the truth, which made it more interesting and inspiring. I was astonished to see how teens, just like me, could be so creative when writing a piece of their unique work. It seemed as if you guys not just connected with me, but with the entire audience, and for that I loved I had the opportunity to be there.[/quote]

Isaac Torres

[quote]…I think that you were put in the world to inspire people.[/quote]

Daniel Zavaleta

[quote]Your performance at PHS was the bomb… All those poems seemed like they were knocking on the door of my heart.[/quote]

Kerry Nelson

[quote]My spirit was lifted by the ways you guys showed me how fun poetry can really be!…I know Get Lit touched many people’s hearts and cheered people up… Your performances were outrageous![/quote]

Erick Soza

[quote]Your poems sent shivers down my spine through the whole performance.[/quote]

Richard Hency

[quote]Today I was so amazed at the thank you letters my students wrote. They still remembered lines, how Dario’s home didn’t feel like a home, how Jazmine saw wings on a girl, and how sad they felt for some of the words in Brianna’s poem. My kids felt empathy and were willing to admit that poetry could astound and bring people together…The Get Lit Players send out such an aura of delight and confidence as they perform their poems that students and teachers alike cannot help but be drawn in. What an amazing inspiration they are![/quote]

Nancy Himel, Lead Teacher, Paramount High

[quote]When the group Get Lit performed their poems it inspired me a lot to express myself on paper.[/quote]

Christian Reyes, Paramount High

[quote]Great experience. I love poetry and performing and seeing Get Lit inspired me to start writing poems again.[/quote]

Srishty Amarnari, LACES

[quote]Your guys performance was outstanding an each one of you was unique and I loved it, you made me want to read poems and express myself artistically.[/quote]

Lillian Vega, Paramount High

[quote]I really enjoyed the poems it was great having u guys read your original poems they were really good, I like that they were deep they got to me and I know they got to others too.[/quote]

Jose Lopez, Paramount High

[quote]You guys were great keep it up and represent for LA.[/quote]

Alejandro Ruiz, Paramount High

[quote]I really enjoyed the poetry and how you can make your own poem out of you life experience.[/quote]

Hilary Rojas, Paramount High

[quote]Hey Get-Lit… I really enjoyed your performance yesterday. The poems all of you shared with us really grasped my attention. I felt the pain and the other emotions that were coming through the poems. It had even inspired me to continue writing poetry again.[/quote]

Kyra Medlock, Paramount High

[quote]I loved your guy’s performance yesterday; it taught me to express my opinions more and emotions rather than keeping them in and letting it all build up into frustration. I now know that poetry can be a problem-solving method. Thank you.[/quote]

Amber Rios, Paramount High

[quote]I had a great opportunity watching all you perform, it was a great experience to see something different, it made realize how people use words to express their feelings, one day I might become a poet.[/quote]

Jerramie Jackson, Paramount High

[quote]I really enjoyed the poems. The poems were powerful and they spoke the truth… This presentation gave me a respect for poets and there art.[/quote]

Manuel Gonzalez, Paramount High

[quote]I loved the fact that they used feelings and emotions when they read the poems out loud, it actually gave me the chills when they was talking with such feeling.[/quote]

Deyanira Garcia, Paramount High

[quote]The performance was very good! Every poem was full of emotions. I believe every poem made many people open their eyes to see the world differently![/quote]

Sonia Maldonado, Paramount High

[quote]The performance was awesome! You guys inspire me and you guys made me cry.[/quote]

Amiel jai Zubiri, Paramount High

[quote]Thanks for the wonderful performance. Your original poems were moving and powerfully performed. The language and images were stunning and SO TRUE. The poems you performed by other authors were well-chosen! My students were inspired to pay more attention to language and to even write some of their own poetry. You did more in 50 minutes than I can accomplish in a week with the textbook![/quote]

Tony Durante’s Junior level Language Arts Classes, Paramount High School

[quote]Thank you so much for bringing Get lit to Franklin HS. Your students were incredible. I don’t think there has been one group that has performed at my school that has kept my students complete attention. Your kids were talented, original, inspirational and yet approachable. The whole experience was fantastic. Getlit players blended modern and classic poetry seamlessly and allowed my students to see connections between hip hop and Herman Hesse. They invited two of my students to participate and they were so nurturing and reassuring that my students felt comfortable enough to come and share their poetry too. I can’t say enough about what you have created here. I have some students who are interested in auditioning so please let me know about audition dates. Once again Getlit players knocked it out of the park and entertained and educated my often apathetic students. Thanks Getlit, come back as soon as you can.[/quote]

David Levine, Lead Teacher, MEGA Academy, Franklin HS

[quote]The Get Lit Performance was amazing. It was something I did not expect it to be. I would love to see them again perform. It was very unique and original. I’m not much of a writer of a poet, but I do know some stuff about literature. I really appreciate that you guys took time to come here and perform.[/quote]

Octavio Alarcon, Paramount High

[quote]The poems were fantastic. One of the poems made me reflect and reconsider how I should act towards people.[/quote]

Andres, El Rancho High

[quote]I enjoyed the poems. I have never really been interested into poetry but yesterday’s performance was great! I liked it because they talked about conflicts us teenagers go through everyday.[/quote]

Yaritza Zamudio, Paramount High

[quote]I really like all your poems. The one that really spoke to me was “Simone” because when I was in middle school I was one of those girls that used to ignore a girl. It was the best performance.[/quote]

Melissa, El Rancho High

[quote]It opened the world of poetry to me.[/quote]

Mariele Saunders-Schultz

[quote]I think that hearing your poems made me realize that poetry is not just boring, confusing words, but words that are deep and interesting. It’s soul.[/quote]

Sara, El Rancho High

[quote]The Get Lit performance was something totally new in my life. I thank you for making me realize the beauty in words. I’ve never even considered poetry before, but now I know I’ll apply it as a part of my life.[/quote]

Juan, El Rancho High

[quote]…I was able to think about things that seldom crossed my mind before.[/quote]

Rudy, El Rancho High

[quote]Thank you! It was an experience I will never forget. Get Lit inspires me to do so many new things.[/quote]

Catalina, El Rancho High

[quote]I really think that Get Lit’s performances influence the way people think about literature and English because they said things that really matter in the world, but in a way that really catches peoples’ attention and I acknowledge and appreciate that.[/quote]

Kezzy Jaictin, John Wooden High

[quote]Get Lit was nothing short of amazing, you must inspire a lot of teens. I know you have inspired me. I write basically every day now since the performance.[/quote]

Jason Letinsky, John Wooden High

[quote]To be honest, I’m not too fond of poetry, but Get Lit has changed my opinion quite a bit. You have also given me the reassurance that I have the potential to change the social environment around me.[/quote]

Paul Quintero, John Wooden High

[quote]I learned that if you are speaking from your heart you can touch people so deeply you can make them cry.[/quote]

Devontae Russell, John Wooden High

[quote]The poetry you guys come up with is epic and mind-blowing. You have inspired me to a great extent. I never knew that expressing yourself through poetry could be so enjoyable.[/quote]

Marlon Galario, John Wooden High

[quote]The students are still talking about the Get Lit performance several weeks later. In fact, several students have approached me to start a poetry/spoken word club at our school. I love it![/quote]

Brenda Young, teacher John Wooden High

[quote]Whoa! My students got lit! Thanks so much. My students declared this the best assembly they have seen! Your team was fantastic in every way. Great personalities, talented, easy to work with. I had about 8 students who wanted to perform and more wanted to, once they experienced what was happening. I was so proud of my students, some who were shy, but volunteered anyway, and I had some very talented students, who really appreciated this opportunity. All of them were so proud of themselves to get up and take a chance. I had tears in my eyes-I was so moved. My students were texting other students who weren’t in school today and telling them how great it was! Our principal came over and was equally impressed. Everyone wants them back, so if that’s a possibility, please let me know. You always have a place here![/quote]

Brenda Young, teacher John Wooden High

[quote]Loved it… different from anything I’ve ever seen.[/quote]

Sue Chang, LACES

[quote]Opened my eyes to poetry.[/quote]

Max Jurand, LACES

[quote]I used to think poetry was boring, but now it has opened my mind.[/quote]

Katie Scott, LACES

[quote]The Get Lit performance blew my mind and opened my eyes to what is around me.[/quote]

Jessica, El Rancho High

[quote]The performance inspired me to write poetry.[/quote]

Anna DeSanto, LACES

[quote]Amazing… poetry is more than nursery rhymes to me now.[/quote]

Rozelle Bustos, LACES

[quote]Teachers and students alike have been talking about you guys!! They LOVED the performance. I have overheard students talking about the fact that it really made them think about life more deeply… You and your storytellers were a fabulous hit!!! Thank you so much for sprinkling the magic of poetry into our lives.[/quote]

Suzanne Ozman, Head Librarian Van Nuys High

[quote]The performances were very worthwhile and communicated meaningfully with the audience. Thank you for identifying such talents and working so deeply with these students. The messages they convey are profound and important. I am certain that under your guidance they have grown immeasurably and will continue to do so.[/quote]

Pat Abrams, Head of English Department Fairfax High

[quote]They were all so fantastic. I wish we could find funding to have you guys come regularly![/quote]

Mayda Yetenekian, teacher, Zane Grey High

[quote]The GetLit Players were phenomenal in their capacity to connect with our students and to engage them in meaningful dialogue about the power of the spoken word. Our students were enraptured by the various voices and styles brought by the GetLit poets, and displayed a rarely seen focus and passion for the presentation. GetLit’s fine balance of approachability and highly refined skills encouraged our budding poets to apply some of the observed techniques in their own nascent poetry.[/quote]

P.Tiller 10th Grade Humanities Teacher, Camino Nuevo High School

[quote]I think that the poets who came were great. It was amazing to see that there are groups out there to help students who like poetry to fulfill that dream. I think it’s really great that at a young age some students are capable of such great poetry.[/quote]

Marcella G., Grade 10, Camino Nuevo High

[quote]I really enjoyed how you showed emotion with your poetry. I really felt something when you were performing.[/quote]

Brenda V., Grade 10, Camino Nuevo High

[quote]Something that I enjoyed was when two poets recited a poem at the same time. I also enjoyed the way all of the poets used different literary devices like, rhyme, rhythm, repetition that we had been learning in English.[/quote]

Nestor F., Grade 10, Camino Nuevo High

[quote]Your performance got me thinking about Literature.[/quote]

Noah Reyes, LACES

[quote]After a recent Get Lit! performance at the Actors’ Gang the audience wouldn’t leave the lobby. People were talking to each other, finding common ground, sharing which poems touched them. As an audience, we understood each other better through the poets’ experience. This is the magic of theater and the power of poetry.[/quote]

Tim Robbins, Actor/Director/Writer/Artistic Director Actors’ Gang

[quote]We were so greatly moved by the work of the Get Lit poets the other morning and Rancho H.S., and we are so grateful to be associated with you, your remarkable program and your talented artists. Looking forward to more opportunities to support the great work you do.[/quote]

[quote]After a recent Get Lit! performance at the Actors’ Gang the audience wouldn’t leave the lobby. People were talking to each other, finding common ground, sharing which poems touched them. As an audience, we understood each other better through the poets’ experience. This is the magic of theater and the power of poetry.[/quote]

Tim Robbins, Artistic Director

[quote]GetLit gets lit. Then they light lit. Then the lit Lit lights — it goes on and on, symbiotic reading, aloud and to one’s self, a whole system that makes “Make It New” new. For the GetLit Players, poetry is space shots into consciousness. Exploration of the solar system and the sacro-cranial system. A manifestation of poetry physicalized, energized, open and ongoing. A Beacon of Language.[/quote]

Bob Holman, Founder of the legendary Bowery Poetry Club, NYC

[quote]There are no other young poets like the Get Lit Players. They take the Great Poems of the past and commit them to heart, then give them back to us – along with their own powerful original responses. The result is a conversation that can change the world.[/quote]

Carol Muske-Dukes, Poet Laureate, California

[quote]Watching the Get Lit Players perform my poem, “The Shirt”, beats being poet laureate![/quote]

Robert Pinsky, Poet Laureate of the United States 1997-2000

[quote]With only a chair as a prop and a simple soundtrack, Diane was able to transport us into a different world – her world. The students were very impressed with her, saying how ‘amazing’ it was to be so taken away and affected by a show in their own classroom.[/quote]

Mayda Yetenekian, teacher, Zane Grey High School

[quote]The work she is doing is literally saving lives.[/quote]

Jimmy Santiago Baca, author/poet, A Place to Stand

[quote]As the words flowed out of their mouths you couldn’t help but think, ‘this is what I wanna be about!'[/quote]

Student, Cross Roads High School

[quote]I wouldn’t care one bit for poems before (Get Lit) came along & now I just can’t put them down![/quote]

Noah, Fairfax High

[quote]The work Get Lit performs within the schools is outstanding. It is an organization dedicated to changing the face of illiteracy in Los Angeles by reaching out to students other organizations overlook. I would strongly recommend the Get Lit Program to any school lucky enough to get it.[/quote]

Roman Del Rosario, V.P. John C. Fremont High

[quote]The contribution that Get Lit is making to the education of these youths is truly remarkable. If we intend to maintain an enduring interest among our youth in literature and language, we must lend our support to such programs as Get Lit.[/quote]

Pat Abrams, English Department Chair, Fairfax High

[quote]Diane made my girls laugh and cry. They were glued to the edge of their seats. They were inspired to read many of the books she mentioned in the show and it caused them to see literacy in a new way.[/quote]

Gigi Bizar, teacher, Westridge School for Girls

[quote]The students are still talking about you! We all really enjoyed your talent and message about literacy. I loved it when one of my students noticed and commented on how books helped you through the challenging times in your life. It was an important observation for our at-risk students.[/quote]

Brenda L. Young, teacher, John R. Wooden High

[quote]The Get Lit Players are altering the lives of thousands of young people. They are tackling the darkness of illiteracy and lighting the way for our youth.[/quote]

Jimmy Santiago Baca, winner of the Pushcart Prize, American Book Award, and International Prize for Poetry

[quote]Through my involvement with Get Lit, I am exposed to great writers who challenge me to change my writing style and surprise myself… I only wish I was involved with a program like this earliest so I could have realized the amazing wonders of literature sooner![/quote]

Student, recently enrolled in UCLA

[quote]I think that when students are allowed to reach such powerful and meaningful literature it helps you understand life a little better.[/quote]

Denice, Walt Whitman Continuation School

[quote]There are no other young poets like the Get Lit Players. They take the Great Poems of the past and commit them to heart, then give them back to us – along with their own powerful original responses. The result is a conversation that can change the world.[/quote]

Carol Muske-Dukes, Poet Laureate, California

[quote]Get Lit has given me the opportunity to be more than me. I am not only a better artist, I’m a teacher, a philanthropist, a literary scholar, and more conscious human being. The directors and the other participants have all been loving and supportive throughout my year in the program. I am leaving to study at Berkley in a few months. It breaks my heart that I have to leave something that has been so positive for me. I cannot stress enough how important being a part of the Get Lit Players has been in my life.[/quote]

Gabriel Cortez, Get Lit Player 2008

[quote]Diane Luby Lane, ‘that chick who can act’ is an inspiration to students and teachers.[/quote]

Jane Hancock. UCLA Writing Project Co-Director

[quote]I am deeply grateful to you for sharing your gripping story with my students, for taking such a compassionate interest in their own stories, and for working with me to execute a brilliant program.[/quote]

Suzanne Osman, Orville Wright Middle School

[quote] When I was two years old, my grandmother taught me to read, but with this pen and Get Lit… they done taught me how to breathe.[/quote]

Former Get Lit Student

[quote] Poetry comes from the heart, it’s the soul-talk of a culture. Get-Lit makes this happen in so many wonderful ways. When young people own both a classic poem, and then endeavor to create their own poetic responses, this is the bridge between generations, of the old and the new, of the traditional and the yet-to-be traditional. Get Lit makes this happen–and we as a city, a country, and a world are better off for it. [/quote]

Luis J. Rodriguez, poet, activist, writers, author of “Always Running, La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A.

[quote] Before Get Lit I couldn’t stand poetry but now I just can’t put them down![/quote]

N. Farroh, Former Get Lit Student

[quote] GET LIT is nothing short of phenomenal. It brings poetry to students through after school programs, in school programs, weekend workshops and summer intensives. GET LIT students were invited to the Oval Office last April, where Michelle Obama urged GET LIT to “take this important work back to their community”.  GET LIT has done just that, reaching dozens of schools, training hundreds of teachers and moving thousands of students through memorizing classic poems and creating original response pieces. It has literally transformed the campus where I teach. GET LIT is a dynamic, effective and strategic program that empowers students to find their voice.[/quote]

Brad Koepenick, Speech Teacher Champs HS

[quote] I can say without reservation that Get Lit’s program – during which students are educated in the history, form and social context of classic poetry, before learning to memorize and perform a poem of their choosing to write a personal poetic response to that poem – has had a profound and measurable impact on the students who have completed the twelve-week course. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the classes’ culminating performances, during which many previously disengaged students overcame struggles with poor self-esteem and literacy levels to recite complex works of literature with passion and a clear comprehension of the poems’ meaning and subtext. And their performances of their own personal poetry revealed an intimate connection with the value of creativity and self-expression as an outlet and framing device for the struggles in their lives. Students emerge from Get Lit’s courses with a greater passion for creativity, learning, and their own potential.[/quote]

Jesse Noonan, Director of Educational Programs, Opportunities For Learning/Options For Youth Public Charter Schools

[quote] Larchmont Charter’s fourth grade classes have been participating in Get Lit’s poetry program… The program has helped support emergent readers as well as English Language Learners by closely focusing on shorter pieces of poetry and literature. Students have also had an opportunity to explore the conventions and beauty of the English language through literature. For example, the classes are exploring hyperbole, simile, and metaphor in a poetic format. Also, the program addresses students’ confidence in public speaking. At the end of the program, the students recite a classic poem, a personal response poem, as well as a group poem in front of their peers and parents. All of this helps to develop their confidence to address a group in an academic setting, which is a skill that will prove invaluable throughout each student’s academic career.[/quote]

Larchmont Charter, 4th grade team

[quote] Diane (& Get Lit) have been a catalyst in opening our students’ eyes to the wonder of reading![/quote]

Karen Cheval, Principal, Walt Whitman Continuation School

[quote] It was an incredibly rewarding journey for me personally… but my kids… they have been changed forever. The curriculum and slam experience have reminded me why I became a teacher.[/quote]

Dottie Burkhart, English Teacher, Alhambra HS

[quote] “As soon as we finished, my students wanted to know when the next slam was and when they could get new poems to start working memorizing classics and writing responses. My students are forever changed thanks to GET LIT. Their faces light up when they speak about poetry and this experience. Thanks so much for including us in the magic. This has been the most rewarding teaching experience I’ve ever had.” [/quote]

Carlene Brown-Hart, English Teacher, John Muir HS

[quote] What you do is so ridiculously important that I’m not always sure that even you totally understand how deeply you impact the lives of our students. Get Lit is an inspiration to the community.[/quote]

Your #1 Get Lit addict,

Jean Chodos, Librarian, El Rancho High

[quote] I’m proud to have been part of such a groundbreaking education process. This experience has reawakened my love of poetry. Six years of teaching the same district mandated curriculum can be mind-dulling. It was a refreshing adventure to take on the Get Lit material. I keep hearing the kids reciting their poems in my mind and it is comforting and healing. I have left something lasting with these students and that makes me feel like I accomplished something valuable as a teacher. The fire is lit and can not be extinguished![/quote]

Jan Raabe, Drama teacher, TAFT HS

[quote] I’ve been active in my own mind, not knowing what’s right or wrong? But poetry became my savior, opening my eyes, becoming my natural high.[/quote]

J. Cortez, Former Get Lit Student

[quote] The Get Lit program exposed me to a new way of being. Releasing my emotions through poetry has liberated me. I now have a way to speak up. My voice does matter.[/quote]

J. Aparicio, Former Get Lit Student

[quote] After taking that stage, and spitting those swish lines, and hearing those snaps! I have to say, I’m glad I took part in this life changing experience. I will never forget the day, my poem claimed me.[/quote]

S. Shaikh, Former Get Lit Student

[quote] We also cannot begin to express our gratitude for what the program brought out in our son. We knew Patrick was a writer and lyricists, but had not really heard him before as a poet. His enthusiasm for performing was lifted to a new level. We’ll have to look into ways for him to stay involved now that the spark has been lit.[/quote]

Janice Bucknor, Parent of Former Get Lit Student

[quote] What an incredible night! Such a celebration of youth, poetry, community, teamwork, and reasons to LIVE LIFE OUT LOUD!!! Congratulations Diane, Giselle, Mimi, all the teachers, and all our students!!![/quote]

Sara Paige Cooper, Drama Teacher, Animo Locke 2 College Prep High School

[quote] My students are forever changed thanks to GET LIT. Their faces light up when they speak about poetry and this experience. One of my poets told me, “Before this, I hated poetry. It was something I only saw on standardized tests, now it is part of my soul.[/quote]

Kelly Grace Thomas, English teacher, Triumph Charter High School

[quote] thank you. you gave my students the opportunity to work hard at something, follow through on personal and group responsibility, put themselves out there, and experience success. they will never forget this. never.

and neither will i. i’ve been an emotional wreck since we found out we made it through (to the finals). three hours of smiling, laughing and crying. i am so proud of my kids.[/quote]

Tobin Paap, Drama Teacher, Animo Inglewood Charter High School  

[quote] It was very deep and everyone told something that was a personal part of their life and they were very brave.  i would go to another one.[/quote]

Castro, Lakeview Charter High School, 15

[quote] I felt a rush throughout my body, I never felt anything like it before[/quote]

Randy Rodarte, Lakeview Charter High School, 15

[quote] It hit me, and the stories were like, amazing[/quote]

Geo Guzman Lakeview Charter High School, 16

[quote]Seeing Deep Sea Diving has the power to change lives. Diane Luby Lane beautifully (and with great humor) illustrates the unique ability of the most simple act – reading – to blast open entire new worlds. The perfect antidote to a youth culture weaned on television, computers and video games.[/quote]

William Lucas Walker, Television Writer/Producer, Will and Grace, Frasier

[quote]Diane’s play, Deep Sea Diving was performed brilliantly… a theatrical ensemble of various characters… Her sharp biting wit made it enjoyable to watch… It’s about books, how they influenced her life and their importance and their place in our lives. Wow, what an achievement! Bravo Diane. Onward with the work you are doing.[/quote]

Jimmy Santiago Baca, award winning poet, author

[quote]FUN TO WATCH! When Lane tells her story, it’s a book coming to life, and it’s one that’s worth reading![/quote]


[quote]A winsome solo show… ADORABLE… and INGENIOUS![/quote]

LA Weekly

[quote]A performance of deep gratitude and good humor. THE PLAY WORKED ITS MAGIC ON ME![/quote]

LA Metro