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We are thrilled to announce an exciting new WEEKLY series we’ve launched with Wondros, TaskForce, & and Mack Sennett. We will feature a brand new poet/poem each week reflecting on what’s happening in the world.

Full Playlist below!

Week 3. “Betsy Devos Confirmed as Education Secretary.”

Week 4. “Flynn Resigns Amid Controversy Over Russia.”

Week 5. “DHS Issues Sweeping Rules for Immigration Crackdown.”

Week 6. “Hate Crimes Spike in U.S.

Special Report: “Donald Trump Delivers First Speech To Congress.”

Week 7. “Trumpcare vs. Obamacare.”

Week 8. “Donald Trump Budget Cuts NEA, Sesame Street, Civil Rights.”

Week 9. “Fresh Worries on Russia for Trump’s Weary Defenders.”

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We hope the poets will make you think. Think about what you’re hearing, what resonates, what feels true. Awareness is powerful. And we can all fight for truth, together.

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