We’re so excited to share the first review of “Summertime” from Paul Debruge, Variety’s Chief Film Critic.

“If “Blindspotting” was an ode to Oakland, then “Summertime” is the corresponding hallelujah to L.A., capturing what it means to be alive right now in the City of Angels. It’s a kind of heaven for millennials, but it can be hell at times too. In its good-natured way, the movie provides a snapshot of the city’s many headaches, from gentrification to gender-neutral restrooms, legal marijuana to illicit graffiti, Uber drivers to ubiquitous scooters. More importantly, it offers an alternative to the ridiculous theory that Angelenos from diverse backgrounds don’t interact, but crash into each other just to feel something (as Paul Haggis put it in “Crash”).”


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