The Cast of Summertime at Sundance Opening Night!


  • Collider “A cinematic spoken word revelation”
  • Variety: “Finding your voice so that the world can start to appreciate what it doesn’t know about those it hears from far too seldom.”
  • Roger Ebert: “…the film involves a roster of new talent who wield a more modern type of musical expression—beat poetry—to talk about their insecurities, their identities, and their potential to foster good things in the world.”
  • Ian Thomas Malone: “Beautifully raw love letter to Los Angeles.”
  • Screen Zealots:“Summertime…is a wildly successful storytelling experiment of performance art and spoken word poetry.”
  • “After attending a Get Lit teen poetry program seven months ago, Estrada said, “We saw these people talking about things that were important to them in a way that was creative and beautiful. I walked out of that meeting saying, ‘I hope there’s a way we can help other people experience what we just experienced.”
  • Remezcla: “Summertime is a free-verse poem — of the kids, by the kids, for the kids. The young poets radiate vitality, honesty, and profound emotion.”
  • The Film Stage: “Get Lit is a non-profit organization that uses poetry as a way to help at-risk teens and improve teen illiteracy. They also boast a curriculum currently being used in one-hundred schools. Look them up if you want to smile.”

Maia Mayor, Tyris Winter, Jason Alvarez, Austin Antoine, Mila Cuda, Carlos Lopez Estrada, and Marquesha Babers in People Magazine

Mila Cuda, Maia Mayor, and Marquesha Babers in Who, What, Wear

Austin Antoine, Maia Mayor, Tyris Winter, Jason Alvarez, Marquesha Babers, and Mila Cuda in the Los Angeles Times.