We had the honor of being reviewed by legendary film critic, Roger Ebert. Our favorite quotes from his review and on our Get Lit Poet’s performance is below.

“…the film involves a roster of new talent who wield a more modern type of musical expression—beat poetry—to talk about their insecurities, their identities, and their potential to foster good things in the world.”

“…Estrada offers a diverse, picturesque Los Angeles, populated with a slew of fresh faces across different backgrounds and ethnicities and genders.”

“…winning sincerity.”

“Estrada’s film sounds just like teen spirit, with big, beating hearts that all share center stage.”

“One of the very best [is]…Marquehsa Babers. She delivers the monologue with such fervor that she too seems caught off guard when the tears start to burst in between her verses of emotional reawakening. Such a mix of poetry’s massive emotions with Estrada’s loving camera prove why it’s good that Estrada’s experiment exists.”


Read the full review here.