At the beginning of her Workshop Wednesday class, Franny Choi asked us to reflect on a simple question: Where are you most creative? 

Immediately, questions popped into the Zoom chat-box: At 5 am, before anyone else is awake. During long drives. In the pouring rain. At my best friend’s house! Everyone’s eyes glowed as they thought about those moments, precious, when their creativity awakened. When they were their most whole and holy selves, tied to nothing but visions and ideas. 

In an interview with Palette Poetry, Franny reminds us:

‘I keep learning again and again that poems aren’t products of labor, but little rooms where labor (emotional, intellectual) happens. And so it doesn’t do the art any good to treat them like they’re precious commodities that will be “wasted” if they don’t get to live in a book. It’s more like–did I use this space to grow my understanding? To become myself more fully? Poems are resources, not products.’

We have been taught to view our time as endlessly productive and manageable but, in truth, our poems and ideas are resources for healing and resilience. We each require specific and unique conditions – voluptuous sunlight or melancholy rain – to access that place within ourselves.

There is no one lane to create or a perfect way to write. Only the urgency – true and deep and eternal – that you do. In the space of creativity, you fortify your spirit. You write paths for new worlds to emerge. You are the philosopher, the artist, the poet. On the page, you are endless.

We host Workshop Wednesdays every week and hope you will join us to embrace your creativity and magnitude. We can’t wait to see you. <3