July marks the end of Get Lit’s Fiscal Year. 2019 / 2020 will be remembered as the year the world fell apart, cracked open, and forever changed. Old monuments fell, power structures toppled, privilege questioned, history rewritten. All while coronavirus continues to rage and compel us to develop new forms of connection and community.

Next year is our 15th anniversary, and we will continue to use our platform to lift every voice, celebrate love, and bring education and opportunities to all children in this country. In the words of the Poet Sonia Renee Taylor, “There is a whisper we keep hearing; it is saying we must build in us what we want to see built in the world.”

We are grateful and ready for it all.

Diane / Founder + Executive Director

Carmen 56 is a genre-defining poetic movement.

Aware of tradition but ever pushing the boundaries, “6 Feat.” is a collection of eleven odes which weave jazz samples, SP1200s, and fuzzed-out telecasters into a tapestry of sound.  Carmen 56 ushers listeners to the cracked sidewalks of LA in 2020 and invites you to feel the kind of art we make… films for your ears.
Listen on Spotify here.

Introducing, Mixtape Mondays, a mashup workshop series about all things poetry – except the writing part! Learn about submissions, social media, and more – info HERE – and the first-class begins August 3 at 2 pm!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Los Angeles Team, who won second place at the national Brave New Voices competition! We are so proud of you!

This year, in collaboration with the California State Library Foundation, Get Lit piloted the Emerging Writers Fellowship with 60 students from Get Lit, Heart of Los Angeles, and A Place Called Home. The Fellowship culminated in the reading and publication of 60 new chapbooks – pictured above! We are honored to bring these new literary voices in the world.