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This Wednesday (8/12) at 3 pm PT, Paul Tran will lead their SECOND Workshop Wednesday of the summer! Paul was also a judge of our 2020 Classic Slam – we can’t get enough of them! 

And for good reason. 

Why Paul Tran Is A Legend: Workshop Wednesdays

They are a recipient of a Ruth Lilly & Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Fellowship, and their work has been featured in the New Yorker, Poetry Foundation, and The Offing. Their poem, The Cave, has been a guiding light throughout quarantine. 

The Cave

Someone standing at the mouth had

the idea to enter. To go further

than light or language could

  1. As they followed

the idea, light and language followed

like two wolves—panting, hearing themselves

panting. A shapeless scent

in the damp air …

Keep going, the idea said.

Someone kept going. Deeper and deeper, they saw

others had been there. Others had left

objects that couldn’t have found their way

there alone. Ocher-stained shells. Bird bones. Grounded

hematite. On the walls,

as if stepping into history, someone saw

their purpose: cows. Bulls. Bison. Deer. Horses—

some pregnant, some slaughtered.

The wild-

life seemed wild and alive, moving

when someone moved, casting their shadows

on the shadows stretching

in every direction. Keep going,

the idea said again. Go …

Someone continued. They followed the idea so far inside that

outside was another idea.

To learn from the legend, join us at 3 pm PT on Wednesday – free and open to all ages!