Content Studio

Get Lit NOW

Poets respond to where we are NOW as a society, writing about cultural trends, issues, and identities.


an original ode series of life, love, and celebration.
shot on location by our youth filmmakers.
one camera. one take.

Get Lit Globe

A DIY inspired interview series where spoken word artist Maia Mayor speaks with other regional, national, and international poets, writers, authors, and thinkers covering their inspiration, writing process, career strategies, and the things that connect all writers around the globe.

Help Videos

Our Help Video Series and How-To Series are designed to illuminate our transformative educational values, philosophies, and techniques our Teaching Artists bring into the classroom. This will be a series where you learn the techniques it takes to become a stronger, more confident poet while speaking your truth.

Get Lit Minute

A weekly podcast focusing on all things poetic, poetry and poets. Each week we will feature a poet and their poem. We will be highlighting classic poets from our In-School Anthology, sharing brief bios on the poet and a spoken word reading of one of their poems. We will also be introducing contemporary poets from the greater poetry community and our own Get Lit poets into the podcast space.

Student Short Films (Pilot 1 & Pilot 2)

We will release all student films made in both PIlot 1 + Pilot 2 for continuing educational purposes.

The Poetic Directors Fellowship Short Films

After our fellowship short films have been submitted to film festivals around the world and have completed their festival circuit run, we will digitally release all films made in the fellowship.

The Poetic Directors Conversation Series

Get Lit’s Poetic Directors Fellowship is pleased to preswent engaging, inspiring, and educational conversations and series of panels with leading voices in Hollywood and the creative industry. These industry ambassadors will be speaking directly to the youth of Get Lit and select private audiences.

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