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Buy Simon & Schuster’s Get Lit Rising and uncover the poetry and personal narratives of 19 youth along with their favorite classic poems, as they overcome struggle and stereotype through redemption and expression.

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Here’s what the community has to say about the book!

JUAN FELIPE HERRERA, Poet Laureate of the United States

“Meet the poets of the heart. Get up close to the sayers of the scars. Listen carefully to these weavers of the light (you get the light by sayin’ it the way it is, about where you are really comin’ from). Look inside – and you’ll see how it happens – about being bullied, about your body, how you feel about it, about your parents with all the hurt inside blowin’ out of them and you just standing there. And I am just gettin’ started. Start with these brave soul searchers and spirit finders…Listen in. Learn it up. Meet, get close, get with it, get lit.”

Patricia Smith, poet, Guggenheim Fellow, and National Book Award finalist

“I’m left breathless by the revelation and daring in these pages–voices lifted in joy, in defiance and revolt, voices raising insistent questions, offering answers, searching relentlessly. This is the drumbeat of witnesses in the midst of the lives, spending their days out loud, relishing the muscle of language and its remarkable ability to exact change. These extraordinary young people introduce you to the life you wish you had led–and, better yet, they convince you that there is still time to live it.”

ANDREA GIBSON, iconic contemporary spoken word poet

“This book, this fierce and hungry and gorgeous book, this good weapon in the good fight, this monster under the king’s bed. No other book allows you to meet the poets, the youth, the creators of our future, like this one. Not only are we being let in to the art of these young writers, but we are also learning their backstories — which are as poetic and stunning as the poems themselves. This anthology creates constant conversation and dialogue across all borders, and I know few things more healing and necessary.”

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