Our curriculum is taught in over 100 schools by english and drama teachers.

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Our Method

The Get Lit model follows our own original call-and-response technique. Poets learn classic poetry, claim a poem that resonates, and then pen their own spoken word response pieces, which they perform in tandem… like in the performance below!


“To foster creative expression and provide an outlet for this generation's voice makes Get Lit an invaluable resource for our entire community.”

Rory Pullens, Executive Director of Arts Education, Los Angeles Unified School District

“The Get Lit Players are changing the landscape of literacy in Los Angeles and providing a model for the rest of the nation.”

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles

“I continually marvel at how a small, passion-driven nonprofit makes such a huge difference in filling the gaps in our education and social systems.”

Jonathan Zeichner, Executive Director, A Place Called Home

“Get Lit is the gold standard for bringing poetry into the lives of young people… students reach far beyond what they imagine they can achieve.”

Paul Cummins, Founder of Crossroads School & The Coalition for Engaged Education

Bring the curriculum
to your school

The Get Lit Curriculum is aligned to Common Core Standards in both English and Visual and Performing Arts. Fusing the worlds of canonical text and youth-led thought, the Curriculum builds literacy, love of learning, vocabulary, and confidence.

Core Program

  • Professional Development at the Poetic Convergence at the Skirball Cultural Center, plus a Spring Training (for a total of 10+ hours)
  • LIT KIT: Teacher’s Curriculum Book, Student Workbook, Curriculum Videos, and bonus gifts including an anthology of 120+ classic poems, curated each year, along with performance videos from previous Classic Slams to inspire your youth!
  • Professional Development through regular on site visits from Get Lit’s Manager of Education (up to 2 visits per semester + extra for Classic Slam)
  • Participation in the Classic Slam
  • Generally, we work in collaboration with an English or Drama teacher to administer the Core Program. Or if you prefer, we can provide you with a Get Lit teaching artist to implement and execute the program throughout the year.
  • Access to Get Lit’s online “Teachers Lounge” with online materials and secrets
  • A BLITZ Show (Get Lit visits your school to perform!)
  • Our Core Program is available to schools within southern California. If you are outside the area, we sell the curriculum materials separately.
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